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About the DRCN


The DRCN Mission is to restore and conserve Delmarva’s landscapes, waterways, and shorelines that are special to its people, fundamental to its economy, and vital for its native fish, wildlife, and plants.



We envision a Delmarva where native fish and wildlife thrive; working lands and waters enrich the lives of those who live, work, and play here; and rich forestlands and coasts support and sustain present and future generations.


The Delmarva Restoration and Conservation Network (DRCN), formed in 2017, is a collaborative of local, state, and Federal government agencies and NGOs  working with private and public landowners and local governments to identify the most important places to protect and restore, and to obtain support and funding for voluntary restoration and conservation.

The DRCN has three overarching goals:

  1.  Create cooperative partnerships ​among the diversity of people, governments, organizations, and industries that rely on Delmarva’s natural resources. ​

  2.  Support resource-based industries ​including fisheries, agriculture, forest products, tourism, and outdoor recreation -- that enable the economies of Delmarva communities to thrive. ​

  3.  Protect and restore natural resources ​that support a diversity of habitats for native fish and wildlife, maintain resiliency in the face of future development and climate change for present and future generations. 

Learn More About DRCN's Structure

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